Author Topic: Problem: Matter power spectrum - Determine the cosmology  (Read 111 times)


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Below I show a power-spectrum for two models. One with \(\Omega_{M0} = 0.3,\Omega_{\Lambda 0} = 0.7\) and one with just dark matter and baryons (so no dark energy) \(\Omega_{M0} = 1.0,\Omega_{\Lambda 0} = 0.0\). What is the key feature we can use to separate them? How does this feature depend on the cosmological parameters? Finally based on this: explain which curve is which cosmology. (Note that you can post answers anonymously by pressing "Attachments and other options below" and check "Post anonymously" if you want)

Below I show a terribly made plot of a power-spectrum for two models which both have a fixed value of \(\Omega_{M0}\) but where one model has a higher baryons density. Which curve correspond to more baryons and why?
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